42 Astoundingly Useful Scripts and Automations for the Macintosh

Astoundingly useful programming tools

One thing hasn't changed since the seventies: some of the most useful programs are programs created for programming.

Jerry Stratton

Textastic is a great text editor for scripts on macOS—Saturday, August 10th, 2019

This is a “powerful and fast text editor” both for iPad and Mac OS X. The iPad version has built-in SFTP support making it very useful for editing files on remote servers.

If you’re looking for a better text editor than TextEdit, I can strongly recommend Textastic. It’s available both for macOS and iOS, and I use it extensively to edit files on my Macintosh remotely. It remembers where files were downloaded from, making it easy to get the latest version and then update when done.

Add this to your .bash_profile to make it easy to edit files from the command-line:

  • alias textastic='open -a Textastic'

And if you want Textastic to open all your text files, such as when using “open -t” in the edit script, right-click any .txt file and assign it to Textastic instead of TextEdit.

You can do all of these, of course, with any text editor if you choose one of the many great ones available for macOS.

Sourcetree—Thursday, August 1st, 2019

Sourcetree simplifies how you interact with your Git repositories so you can focus on coding. Visualize and manage your repositories through Sourcetree's simple Git GUI.” (Also your Mercurial repositories.)

GeekTool—Thursday, August 1st, 2019

GeekTool is a System Preferences module for Mac OS 10.5. It lets you display on your desktop different kind of informations, provided by 3 default plugins.” The plugins let you monitor files (such as error logs), view images (such as live graphs), and display the results of command-line scripts.

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